The famous Primošten vineyards have become recognizable throughout the world for their unique composition of the grape, stone and sea. There is an ongoing project of including vineyards on UNESCO World Heritage List. If Bucavac will be included on UNESCO’s list, Primošten vineyards will become the second protected vineyards in the world.

High quality wine Babic is produced from the grape sort of the same name which originates from the location of Primosten vineyards. The locations of the vineyards are the best evidence of human strength and willingness to turn the “bare stone” into a stingy, but noble wine-soil, which is discussed in the recognition of the United Nations.

Prhovo as a parish center that encompasses the village of Široke and Rogoznica, already existed at the time of founding the Šibenik Diocese at 1298 year.

The Church of St. George is situated in the heart of the old part of Primošten. It was built on top of hills in the 15th century, and was thoroughly reconstructed in 1760 year. It keeps the icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary with silver adornments and a painting of St. Mary with St. Luke and George, and it is a work of Master Cusi from 1719 year.

One of the biggest shrines to the Virgin Mary in the world, a huge 17-metre statue of the Virgin Mary on the Gaj hill overloking Primosten with fascinating view of the part of Dalmatian coast, especially in the sunset.

In the hinterland of Primošten, about thirty villages and hamlets of Primošten Burnji and Primošten Južni are located, where tourists can enjoy the natural harmony of past interwoven with gastronomic tastes and smells.

Wine Trail connects the villages of Primošten Burnji. Visit them and learn about the production and processing of wine.

Aurora is one of the largest and finest discotheques on the Adriatic coast and beyond.

By walking on Primošten beautiful coastline you can enjoy the view and natural beauty.

Places to dive one of the most beautiful underwater worlds will leave you breathless. Here you can explore the waters rich with fish, underwater caves, reefs, remnants of ships, etc.

While driving by bike you can get to know the picturesque and indigenous landscape.